How to Find the Best Luxury Hotel in Santa Monica

Just a few minutes away from the L.A.X. Airport lays Santa Monica, the city where Los Angeles meets the sea. With 3.5 miles of glistening California coastline, the quaint town of Santa Monica is synonymous with the beaches. 

If you plan a laid-back trip to a beach city, Santa Monica is the perfect place to plan your vacation in Southern California. However, the city is also known for its fair share of renowned luxury hotels. You would have come across all about Hotel Oceana and other luxury resorts in the city. 

It can be pretty challenging to choose the best with so many choices in hand. But, don’t worry, read this blog to know how to find the best luxury hotel in Santa Monica.

Look For the Right Location

Choosing a suitable site is necessary because you must stay close to an airport or landmarks like Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park to have a smooth travel experience and to spend time effectively sightseeing around the coastal city.

However, you must base your final decision on your nature of travel and personal preference. As Santa Monica is a beach town, you may have some choices regarding luxury hotels. If you are looking for luxury suites with mesmerizing beach views, then you must read all about Hotel Oceana, as an example.

Luxury suites like these offer a luxury stay with facilities like complimentary yoga and beach cruises, poolside dining, and a courtyard with a fire pit and other relaxing services. You can also choose resorts on private beaches like Sunset Beach, Eat Sleep Surf, Topanga Beach, and more. 

What Are Your Preferences?

Every luxury hotel in Santa Monica has its specialties and features. Some of them with urban vibes will be in prime locations, but they may be overcrowded. Others will be located in quiet areas like Ocean Avenue, Venice Blvd, and Beach Avenue. Think about your personal preference.

Are you going to use public transport or would you like to be close to everything? Do you want to stay in a hotel with a spa service or do you want to go out for relaxation? 

Check the Reputation of the Hotel

Before booking a hotel, check its reputation and history among the locals as well as the visitors. 

If a luxury hotel offers impeccable services, starting from food and drinks, fitness center, knowledgeable and friendly staff, simple booking, laundry, and more, it would have garnered a good reputation. So, check the service offered by the luxury hotel in Santa Monica to gauge its reputation before booking a suite.

Check Reviews on the Internet

Finally, go online and check the reviews and testimonials written by previous visitors. Reading reviews will help you consider specific elements to take into account before making the decision. For instance, if you are unsure about the luxury hotel’s real vibe, you can check out the pictures to get a real sense of it. This is how you can learn all about Hotel Oceana.

Santa Monica is a family-friendly neighborhood; if you are making a family trip, you may also benefit a lot by checking reviews and reading all about Hotel Oceana and other luxury resorts alike. 

With these tips in mind, there is no way you will go wrong in choosing a hotel in Santa Monica. Book the best hotel right across the Pacific Ocean and enjoy the sunset with your loved ones right from your suite.

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