5 Things You Should Know About CBD-Infused Drinks

Drinks, tinctures, and vaping solutions featuring CBD are currently very popular. CBD can also be found in gummies, pain patches, and ointments. The health benefits of CBD haven’t been completely proven through the use of medical testing, but users of CBD products report that CBD helps with many ailments, including relief from anxiety and pain, and CBD has been used successfully as a sleep aid.

Consult a Medical Professional Before Use

Before using CBD products, you should consult your doctor, medical professional, or pharmacist to be sure that it is safe for you to take CBD and that it won’t react with any medications you might be taking. If you are interested in trying CBD soft drinks, there five things that everyone should be aware of.

What You Need to Know about CBD-Infused Beverages

While it’s trendy to use CBD products, it’s important to know what they are what they do.

1. CBD products contain cannabinoids that are extracted from marijuana plants. The term “cannabinoids” is reduced to the letters CBD. CBD isn’t the main ingredient in marijuana that gets people high. That is THC, or tetrahydrocannibinol. While the CBD doesn’t contain enough THC to create hallucinogenic effects, it is still present in CBD products. The legal limit for THC in CBD products is up to .3 percent. If THC ingestion is a concern, you need to know that it is possible to ingest THC from CBD products.

2. CBD products or drinks may not be legal in your state. Some states have legalized the growing, use, and sale of marijuana and, in those states, CBD is also legal. In states where marijuana is not legal, CBD products may also be illegal or strictly controlled because they do contain a small percentage of THC. Check the laws in your state before using CBD products.

3. Some CBD drinks such as CBD water only contain a minimal amount of CBD. People who have reported receiving benefits from CBD products typically ingest doses of at least 15 mg per day. Some CBD waters have been shown to only contain two to five milligrams. This may not be a large enough dose to provide any health advantages.

4. CBD is affected by air and light. As soon as you open your CBD drink, it is exposed to oxygen and light. CBD compounds are somewhat unstable and air and light cause them to start deteriorating immediately. Depending on the rate of the decomposition and how fast you drink it, the CBD in the beverage may end up offering very little to no benefits.

5. It’s too early to tell if CBD products will remain popular and available in the long run. The CBD market is currently booming and is expected to become a 22 billion dollar industry in the year 2022. While sales look good, it’s still too early to tell what medical and scientific findings might be brought to light in the future.

Should You Try CBD-Infused Drinks?

Many users have experienced relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and sleep issues from using CBD products. Some things to take into consideration before use are the legality of marijuana in your area and if the costs outweigh by the benefits. If you are curious or want to try them, be sure that CBD is safe for you to use before you invest the money.

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