3 Secrets You Should Know Before Visiting the Komodo National Park

The Komodo National Park is a unique traveling destination. Its magnificent features make it a hotspot destination for travelers. However, failing to realize the secret to having a memorable time at the park is a mistake some travelers make and late regret it.

This article takes a deep dive into rarely known things for a beautiful time at the Komodo. It all starts with the root of Komodo’s uniqueness and your security.

Next, you will find out estimated costs for adequate planning to avoid limiting your enjoyment at the islands. Lastly, the article recommends the best packing list for a memorable time at the islands.

Take a look at the article’s main body for more information.

  • The Komodo National Park Is an Isolated Planet

The Komodo national park is located in the province of East Nusa Tenggara. It is an isolated planet of wild animals. The majority of the animals are dragons.

The dragons have existed in the islands for more than 20 million years due to isolation from human habitation. It was not until 1910 that majority of the world realized their existence.

The dragons look meek and harmless but can be dangerous if they feel threatened. They have sharp teeth and claws, ready to tear down their prey. And this should be your motivation to care about your security when visiting the islands.

 Although the park contains about 4600 dragons, you will rarely see more than 30 of them because they rest or hide in the bushes and mainly come out to look for food. You may have a glimpse of a few of them cross the ground at high speeds.

A terrifying view is of blood-tinged saliva oozing out of their snapped jaws. Their bacteria-infected saliva is powerful enough to drag down a prey, killing it slowly after about three weeks. Feeling scared? You should not.

It is rare for dragons to attack people. They only take action when feeling threatened. Also, there are rangers to guide you through the park.

The rangers carry massive sticks and have the skills to scare away the dragons, preventing them from reaching you. Apart from the rangers, you can hire a local tour to walk you through the isolated planet of wild dragons.

The last reason for not worrying about the dragons attacking you is that they are well-fed (on deer and birds) and mainly hide in the bushes. Apart from the isolated park and your security, it would be best to plan for associated travel costs.

  • It Is Important to Calculate the Costs Beforehand

Traveling the Komodo can be quite expensive if not well calculated. You should first budget for the flight to the islands.

Although the distance to Labuan Bajo is short, the cost of boarding the planes is a bit high. After landing in Labuan Bajo, it would help to book accommodation at one of the renowned resorts.

Next, determine the local transport expenses. The amount you pay depends on the areas you visit and those who take you there. The typical destinations are the three main islands.

These are the Komodo, Rinca, and the Padar islands. Komodo and Rinca islands are known for viewing dragons and snorkeling.

Padar Island is the go-to destination if you want to view the Komodo islands panorama. You can pay rangers, accommodation, or local tours such as the Komodo diving to walk to the spectacular islands.

  • Mind the Packing List

Your activity determines what you carry. For example, you need hiking shoes for slippery stairs down the Padar islands.

You can carry a camera to capture the broad, wavy view of the Padar summit, Kanawa beaches, and the Komodo dragons. You should take water when going hiking.

Key Takeaway

The Komodo national park is one of the best places to build sweet memories. You should know where to visit, the related costs, and their attractive characteristics for a memorable experience.

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