Top 5: Funniest Movie Sex Scenes

Sometimes when a man loves a woman… or gets really drunk… or pays money, it leads to sex. Often times said sexual situations occurs in the privacy of a bedroom and more often times ends in disappointment and laughter. Luckily today’s movie makers understand the sincere passion in love making and appropriately incorporate comedy gold in to the mix to make the “hot and heavy” utterly hilarious. From the hands of a perverted puppeteer to the semi-educational class room setting, serious sex is no longer safe on the big screen. This isn’t your every day ruckus love making list but the Top 5: Funniest Movie Sex Scenes.

1. “Puppet Sex”-Team America

teamamericanewIt’s not your Jim Henson puppet show or even a sketchy David Bowie/ puppet mash up, its much much worse. Leave it to the creators that brought you South Park to totally turn puppetry filthy and hilarious. Trey Parker and Matt Stone brought viewers not only the most vulgar, foul mouthed and intensely patriotic puppet movie ever made but perhaps one of the most awkward sex scenes in any movie genre. Lead character Gary and love interest Lisa take a time out from fighting the world’s most dangerous terrorist threats for little “roll in the hay”. A plethora of inventive positions and puppet desecration makes for a hilarious sex scene that is not muffled by usual sex banter but rather wooden puppets clacking against each other.

2. “I’m Gonna Shoot”- MacGruber

macgrubersexThe comedy geniuses behind SNL take a knee slapping twist on 80’s television show “MacGyver” in their 2007 film “MacGruber”. A little less creative, much less skilled in combat and astoundingly terrible at self control, agent MacGruber played by Will Forte returns from his own assumed death to seek revenge on a world terrorist. After losing his wife Casey, MacGruber turns his sexual prowess to team mate Vicki St Elmo that along with his ghost wife, receives the most interesting sexual encounter possible. Terrible dirty talk along with violent thrusts and grunts has MacGruber and Vicki busy in bed for oh… a few minutes before MacGruber finishes and has a change of heart. Arriving at his late wife’s grave site to apologize for his indiscretion, “ghost Casey” appears and partakes in the same sweaty, hairy exchange that has onlookers wondering why a naked man is humping the air in a cemetery.

3. “Lovin from McLovin”- Super Bad

mclovinThere are only a few times in a boys life where pleasure, excitement and awkwardness all come together in one scene and for Super Bad’s supporting actor McLovin played by Christopher Mintz-Plasse, that scene was losing his virginity. After getting a fake ID, attempting to steal liquor and having a romp with the cops an awkward sex exchange with a classmate at a crowded party was bound to happen. Riding on cloud nine and an unfortunate young girl, McLovin shares his excitement with the world by describing his progress every step of the way both verbally and with his nerdy squinting eyes and pasty lanky body. Unfortunately his journey into manhood was cut short by the police that eventually owned up to ruining his special evening by subsequently “cock-blocking”.

4. “Sex Ed”- Monty Python’s the Meaning of Life

MeaningOfLife05LThere are somethings you can learn in a class room and somethings that need to be encountered and conquered in life as it happens. Luckily the cast of Monty Python disregards the boundaries of education and inappropriate in the 1983 film titled “The Meaning of Life”. Following a well timed musical number “Every Sperm is Sacred”, a sketch scene including John Cleese as a school headmaster, takes it upon himself to instruct the onlooking school boys in the area of sexual education. Abandoning the traditional text book and slide show, the headmaster disrobes his clothes upon the arrival of his wife and a make shift bedroom begins the act of love making. Very thoroughly describing his every decision and tactic, headmaster asks the students for suggestions and even continues disciplining misbehaving schoolboys all while “within” his wife.

5. “Threesome”- Get Him to the Greek

johnaMost men dream of having a threesome, most men dream of hanging out with their favorite music icon and therein lay a nightmare when the two are forcefully put together. Up and coming music talent agent hopeful, Aaron Green played by Jonah Hill, fulfills his life long goal in meeting and wishfully saving his music icon who is former rock-god Aldus Snow played by Russel Brand. The constant struggle and turmoil between the two characters drags them through drugged out Vegas trips, near brushes with death, and the most unfortunate threesome imaginable. After Aaron’s disgruntled girlfriend wishes to even the score after Aaron cheated on her while on the road, Aldus suggests a threesome between the couple and him self that quite frankly turned “Oh” faces into “ewwww” faces.




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