Best Games of 2013

gta v best games of 2013

The best games of 2013

Grand Theft Auto V

gta v best games of 2013
Rockstar’s most ambitious entry in the storied and controversial franchise yet, GTA V quickly became the highest grossing video game of all time. It’s hardly doing the game a disservice to refer to it as a veritable blockbuster.

Retaining the same edgy humor and witty social commentary, GTA V expands upon the tried and true formula and blends innovative new features like a rotary of characters to control. Missions have had the stakes raised even further, something that would have sounded impossible if we didn’t already know it to be true.

This is the most engrossing GTA yet, giving players the opportunity to customizable options from cars to clothes. It would be downright criminal not to have GTA V on the year end best of list.

The Last Of Us

the last of us
Almost more movie than video game, Naughty Dog has once again pushed the boundaries in terms of what the latter can accomplish. There’s perhaps no scene more memorable from this year — hell, maybe ever — than the heartbreaking opening sequence that begins The Last Of Us on such a somber note.

With some of the best voice acting you’re likely to find, what makes the game so successful is its heart — something that would not be possible without the convincing acting. Intuitive gameplay that allows for crafting your own weapons from things you forage during an Apocalyptic Earth is cool and all, but story is kind in The Last Of Us.

Whereas GTA V allows gamers to be lost in an urban world with endless entertainment opportunities, The Last Of Us ushers the gamer into a world with rich characters we deeply care for, making it potentially the hardest game to put down of the year.

Bioshock Infinite

bioshock infinite
Bioshock Infinite is not only the best game of the year, it’s a profound achievement that resonates throughout the entire gaming community. Expanding on the world that Irrational developers created with Bioshock, Infinite daringly probes the bloodier side of American history and confronts the issue of race — a subject matter considerably bold for a vehicle like gaming.

The floating city of Columbia is every bit eye candy as it is a foreboding presence. Not since the likes of Skyrim have gamers been treated to such a rich visual experience. The world is brimming with intricate details that confront the gamer with uncomfortable issues and mind-bending rhetorical questions about society as a whole. For a video game to accomplish such things is remarkable.


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