Waiting for Fear the Walking Dead is a Killer


Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere in August, but fans still have a lot of questions. The spinoff series of AMC’s hit show, The Walking Dead, is set to take place in Los Angeles. But there isn’t much more we know.18125320-large

The new series will debut on AMC sometime at the end of the summer. It is a sort of prequel to the Walking Dead. The new show will portray the events people experience as their world transforms into a zombie apocalypse. It is supposed to be the same apocalypse the Walking Dead characters face. But the new series starts off in the earliest days of the outbreak, when people were still unaware of what was going on.

We also know that Fear the Walking Dead follows a divorced teacher along with a guidance counselor and her two children. Robert Kirkman, Walking Dead creator, said that the same rules apply in the new series because it is during the same outbreak. For example, the characters in the series will somehow figure out that everyone is infected. Kirkman also hints that we will find out clues in the new series that relates to the Walking Dead. Could this mean that that characters in Fear the Walking Dead will figure out a new way to kill the zombies other than stabbing them in the brain? And could this rollover into the Walking Dead?

AMC recently released the official poster for Fear the Walking Dead, and it doesn’t answer any questions. Fans are still left guessing how this new series will go down. We will be able to find out more when the official trailer is released in July at the San Diego Comic Con. Until then, we will have to keep on guessing!

There are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered and the new poster and small clip AMC recently released still has us all guessing. Luckily, fans will be able to find out more about Fear the Walking Dead when the official trailer is released in July at San Diego’s Comic Con.


All photos courtesy of AMC.

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