Game of Thrones Fun at Comic Con

GofT cast
GofT cast
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San Diego Comic Con took place this weekend and it was a huge hit. The Game of Thrones panel was one of the best events at the convention. With over 6,000 fans in attendance, the cast along with celebrity moderator Seth Myers, answered questions from fans.

The character Arya is played by Maisie Williams. She will have to play the role blind next season and a fan asked how she was dealing with that. Williams admitted she has some anxiety about it because she wears uncomfortable contact lens, plus she can’t see out of them. The actress said it will be a tricky season, but she is still excited to see what is in store for her character.

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Natalie Dormer plays Margeary and said she had some issues with the feline actors. She said Ser Pounce wouldn’t sit still on the bed and was a nightmare when trying to film. Williams also had an issue with a feline actor in Season 1. Her character Arya was supposed to not be able to catch the cat, but the cat waned to be caught and wouldn’t run away. Sounds like the cats were the divas on the Game of Thrones set.

John Bradley, who plays Sam, was asked where Sam & Gilly’s relationship is headed. He said that Sam would happily accept more of the same, but up until Gilly, Sam would think about sex like most people would outer space, it is something that goes on, but he has got nothing to do with it. It will be interesting to see what happens with those two.

Game of Thrones director David Nutter admitted that the day the cast and crew filmed Shireen Baratheon’s final scene, it happened to be a very tough day. There was difficult weather in a tough setting and everyone knew what was going to happen. Nutter said it was a very powerful moment because all of the actors and extras were really into it. He added that the audience isn’t the only ones that feel the loss and sadness of tragic events; the entire crew, cast and extras all feel it too.

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Nutter also told fans that President Barack Obama happens to be a huge fan of the show. Nutter and Obama met a few weeks ago and the President said to Nutter, “You didn’t kill John Snow, did you?” The director said he broke the news to Obama that Snow is deader than dead. Obama replied with, “you keep killing off my favorite characters!” I think a lot of people feel that way too, Obama!

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