Six Things Every Adult Should Be Able To Do

When you finally hit 21, it’s time to face the adult world. That can be a scary time. After all, adults are expected to do so many things and take so much responsibility! Whether you’re facing your 21st birthday with trepidation or whether you’re an adult who’s never managed to grow up, there are a few things which every adult should be able to do. Here, we look at six of them so you can start practising!

1.Cook A Meal

No, we don’t mean grilled cheese on toast! Every adult should be able to cook for themselves without having to rely on takeout or microwaveable noodles! It doesn’t need to be an amazing meal, just something that you can rely on if a friend or family member comes around to dinner. There are lots of simple meal ideas that any adult could make (or even many children). Simple pasta sauces – some canned tomatoes with fresh onions and herbs poured over spaghetti – will get the job done without any steep learning curve.

2.Change A Tire

If you have a flat tire, you don’t want to be left waiting at the roadside for the breakdown services to come around and help you out. How stupid are you going to look? It really isn’t that difficult to change a flat tire as long as you have the right tools in the trunk of your car (and a spare tire of course!) Make sure you never leave the house in your vehicle without the appropriate equipment with you, just in case!

3.Parallel Park

It’s amazing how many adults simply don’t know how to park their car properly. If you always drive round town looking for a drive in parking bay because you just don’t know how to parallel park, it’s time to start practising now! It is a bit of a skill, and there’s quite a lot to take in, but once you’ve learned the basics, you’ll be amazed by how many places you can park that you couldn’t park before!

4.Navigate With A Map

These days, we’re all very reliant on our cell phones for its GPS signal and Google Maps to get us from one place to another. However, who knows when you might find that you need to find your way around without your phone in your hand. In the good old days, we all knew how to use a map. That’s a skill which is never going to go out of style. If you don’t own a road map, it’s time to invest in one now. Take a good look at it and the next time you’re planning to drive to an unfamiliar destination try to navigate your way only using the paper map and not your phone. You’ll soon develop all the skills you need to get from A to B without using sat nav. After all, nobody knows when you’ll have no signal or your cell battery will die leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere!

5.Fitting Replacement Car Parts

If you always take your car to the garage every time it needs a small job doing, it’s time to start saving time and money by doing it yourself. From changing a headlamp bulb to changing the battery it isn’t difficult to keep your vehicle in good condition and you’ll save yourself a fortune if you can carry out simple routine maintenance on your own without having to rely on a mechanic to do every little thing for you! There are tutorials on the internet which will help you to get started, so as long as you have the right tools you should be fine.

6.Simple Home Repairs

There are a plethora of little tasks around your home that you can tackle yourself without having to rely on a contractor. Fixing a leaking tap, repairing a broken door handle or replacing a broken lightswitch plate, they’re all easy jobs which you can learn to do yourself with just a few common household tools. Save yourself time and money by simply doing the job yourself. If in doubt, find an online tutorial to point you in the right direction.

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