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broken leagues fantasy basketball

While fantasy basketball will never be quite so popular as it’s pigskin cousin, our love for the NBA has essentially guaranteed a certifiable addiction. Yet with fantasy basketball’s cult-like following, you’re hard pressed to find much strategy and substance beyond single paragraph blurbs that only regurgitate stat lines.

Our friends over at Broken Leagues are offering something special to their fantasy basketball bretheren, offering some genuinely insightful daily write-ups on the nightly happenings in the NBA with a fantasy focus. This is the type of detailed analysis we’re not used to seeing outside of sites like Rotowire and Grantland.

On behalf of someone who actually drafted Larry Sanders this season, I wish I had Broken Leagues in my corner before I entered the draft room. Now with the season in full swing, BL’s analysis makes for an entertaining and highly informative read each morning when I scour the waiver wire. If your team is in need of some additional assists, this is the place to visit. I for one am now a daily visitor because my brain will not rest until I determine whether or not Derrick Rose is determined to lose me another season. Play fantasy basketball? You should read the dailies too.

Apart from visiting the official site, make sure you check out Broken League’s social pages on Facebook and Twitter for up to the minute news.


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