The Worst Athlete Commercials


Athletes earn a lot of endorsements, which leads them to starring in a lot of commercials. Some athletes are actually pretty funny, while others fall short.

Rob Gronkowski and David Ortiz for Dunkin’ Donuts

Football player Rob Gronkowski and baseball player David Ortiz starred in their second Dunkin’ Donuts commercials. And I didn’t think it could be possible, but it was worse than the first. Gronk is a tool and he acts like an idiot off the field. Ortiz isn’t that bad, but since he pairs up with Gronk, I lose some respect for him. See for yourself how terrible it is.

Peyton Manning for Nationwide

Peyton Manning stars in a few commercials like for Buick, Papa Johns and Nationwide. But his Nationwide Jingle commercial is the worst. The quarterback just looks and acts so goofy. Even though he is a stud on the field, he isn’t quite that off the field. And he shows just how goofy he really is in the commercial.

Shaq for Gold Bond

Shaq has done a lot of commercials and they are all bad. I don’t think I have seen one good commercial. Yes, he was a good basketball player, but he is an awful actor, rapper and sports analyst. He has tried them all. He is like Pey-Pey, reminds me of a goofy dude that is trying to be funny. We aren’t laughing with you Shaq, we are laughing at you. This Gold Bond has to be one of the worst he has done, and there is a lot of competition.

Johnny Manziel for Snickers

Quarterback Johnny “Football” Manziel is an absolute joke. He is the one that gave himself the Johnny Football nickname! He was supposed to be the next big thing, but he ended up choking. He let the very little fame he had go straight to his head. He did a Snicker commercial that sums up how lame he really is.

Kris Humphries for Foot Locker

James Harden is in this too, but I like him. But Humphries is a complete tool and shows it. He was married to Kim Kardashian and isn’t very good on the court. The commercial is kind of funny since it is making fun of him, but giving him that attention sucks. He sucks and is totally into himself, he is probably his biggest fan!


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