Terrifying Horror Films From the Past


Halloween is a little over 2 weeks away and it is the perfect time to blast to the past and honor some of the scariest movies ever made. These three films are always on the top every scary movie list. Will you be watching them this Halloween?

The Exorcist

Courtesy of theguardian.com
Courtesy of theguardian.com

Religious or not, this movie is sure to give you nightmares about the Devil. The Exorcist was released in 1973 and is based somewhat on actual events. Directed by William Freidkin, it is one of the most profitable horror films. The movie is about a teenage girl who is possessed and says terrible things and also does creepy things like turning her head all the way around. Priest are sent over to try to get the Devil out of the girl. No matter how old you are The Exorcist will definitely give you a chill.

The Shining

The Shining
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It might just be the acting, but The Shining is by far one of the creepiest movies. Jack Nicholson is super weird in this movie that was first written as a book by Stephen King. Nicholson plays a writer and his family gets stuck in a hotel in the middle of winter. His son is psychic and sees horrific things from the past and future. The house is full of ghosts and the little boy can see them. Nicholson’s character ends up going crazy and starts terrorizing his family. The psychological thriller is really scary in its own way and will make you terrified of ever being stranded in a hotel.

The Poltergeist

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The Poltergeist is a super freaky film. It might be one of the first movies about paranormal activity. The movie is about a family whose home is built on an ancient burial ground. The family experiences unexplainable occurrences and try to live in the haunted home. The ghosts communicate through the television with the little girl and she ends up missing. The original Poltergeist was released in 1982 so the movie was actually really scary and the special effects were really good during that time. Steven Spielberg wrote the screenplay and the movie was directed by Tobe Hooper.

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