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Unfortunately, the LIVR App is a Hoax

LIVR app hoax

A few days ago, the world was introduced to LIVR, a new app in development that can only be accessed once you’ve reached a certain blood alcohol level. The “app” allows users to participate in games with other drunk people, and even meet up with other inebriates in the area. “LIVR acts as a biometric… Read more »

World’s Largest Solar Plant Officially Open for Business

Worlds largest solar plant

Stretched across the entirety of five square miles in the Mojave Desert near the Nevada-California border lies the world’s largest solar plant — and today it has officially opened it’s doors for commercial business. Ivanpah, a collaborative effort between Google, BrightSource Energy, and NRG, has been a project in the works since it was first… Read more »

Velvetwire Powerslayer: A Smarter Way to Power Up


The Powerslayer by Velvetware is revolutionizing the way people change their portable devices by eliminating the ability to waste energy when chargers are not in use — a problem we’ve been facing throughout the country for over the past decade. Made from high grade materials, the Powerslayer is designed to quickly charge your devices as… Read more »

Android TV Box Enters the Streaming Market

Android TV Box

Android has announced that they are entering the streaming television market. Roku, Google Chrome, and Apple TV have been offering this service for sometime now and the Android TV Box doesn’t appear to improve on any of the three’s designs. The one thing that the Android TV Box does have is four USB ports. Apple… Read more »

Fitbit Force Activity Tracker

fitbit force activity tracker

The Fitbit Force is currently the hottest activity tracker on the market right now. One of the most popular gifts this Christmas, Fitbit Force virtually flew off store shelves around the country. We eventually had our chance to see what makes this tracker tick, just in time to shed a few of those holiday pounds…. Read more »

Thanksgiving Gadgets

The Helpful Thanksgiving Gadgets Electric Carving Knife Once your bird is finished you can make carving the Turkey easier if you have an electric carving knife. This is especially helpful if you don’t have strong knife skills. IT can also be used for easily cutting loaves of bread if you are making homemade stuffing. Pressure… Read more »

Kubo: A New Delivery Method

If you live in a big city like Los Angeles, Chicago or New York getting around the city can be tough. Affordable parking is nearly impossible to come by but getting even essential items from A to B can require renting a truck, bugging a friend, or lugging your goods on public transit. Introducing the… Read more »

The Samsung Galaxy Gear “Smart Watch”

A futuristic “smart watch” wouldn’t carry the well deserved hype with out paying homage to the early Hollywood attempts at what the first of its kind might look like. Marketing/advertising minds at Samsung did just that with their recent release of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch and perhaps it’s most comparatively catchy commercial to… Read more »

iPhone 5S Revealed

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently announced the release of the new iPhone 5S and the lower-cost 5C models. Cook began the day by discussing iOS 7, a revolutionary update to the software that powers the iPhone and iPad. The new OS features a simple new “flat” visual style and will be released on September 18th for… Read more »